If you didn't catch our blog post earlier today, here it is again.Due to adverse weather conditions we had to stop dispatching our gift baskets. We're incredibly sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.Now you're maybe thinking. If we're not dispatching, then what can I write for the dispatch blog? Aha! Thankfully, we actually have a few baskets being collected locally from our Northern Ireland branch office today, so I could write about one of those! Lucky me!Well, except with only a few baskets to assemble, the team kinda whizzed through them super quick and it was off to the packaging team before I could even get my phone for photography. I did however manage to catch it before it was boxed up at least, and kinda threw together a collage of the products in the basket.It's a Chocolate Eruption gift basket ordered by Lewis this morning over the phone. He'd understood that delivery might not be possible for his gift basket because of the weather conditions. Thankfully, he actually lives quite close to our Northern Ireland branch office, and this gift basket was available at the branch as well. So he braved the blustery cold and nipped over to pick it up. In fact, he was only here just five minutes ago and I missed him because I was in the warehouse arranging access for them to a shared spreadsheet, or else I might have cheekily asked if we could take a picture of him with his basket for the blog.Hope he got back home okay with his beautiful gift and the recipients appreciates it. More importantly - stay warm, everybody!