Sometimes, you start a post and words for the opening paragraph just comes naturally to your fingers, almost like magic. Sometimes, like today, you sit there for a grand 5 minutes and you come up with absolutely nothing. I briefly considered going on about mangoes because it's the fruit blog of the day, but I'm pretty sure you have all heard and learnt already that I'm pretty obsessed with them and talking about them further would just sound like a broken record. Hence, this er, rather awkward opening paragraph about the difficulties of coming up with an opening paragraph?Anyways, okay, let's er... ahem move away from the awkwardness which is my mind's inability to produce decent writing today, and onto the stars of the show - the fruit and flower baskets.Our opening act is a very great looking Totally Tropically gift basket which I didn't just take one pic of, but two - one standard and one close-upWow, check out the colours! It's like sunshine in a basket. This is a fruity birthday basket specifically ordered for Joan (Caher, IE) by Sean and Dawn (Liverpool, UK) I love the choice of yellow flowers for decoration organised by our assembly team. It really brings out the cheeriness of the basket and what is better than to receive something this happy looking for your birthday?Our second basket is a Floral and Fruit Get Well basket.The recipient of this basket had recently been in a nasty fall and had unfortunately been in hospital for a while because of it. To cheer her up and to wish her a quick recovery, her nephew James had organised this basket to be sent to her address in North Berwick, UK.Last fruit basket of the day (the blog that is, we're not ONLY sending out three fruit baskets, you know)  is a Get Well Fruit Survival for Her basket.At a glance it might look similar to the Floral and Fruit above, but look closely and you can pick out all the differences. This basket is designed with a bit more 'boredom busting' in mind, so rather than just food, it swapped it out for some books, magazine and puzzles to keep the mind active.This one was ordered by Emma in Blackpool, UK, and it's also going to herself?? Either she got it as a pick me up for herself, or she is intending to pass it along to the intended recipient when she visits and gives her get well wishes in person.