We have another busy day in the office today, with Roma off sick (get well soon!), Neil and Andrea away, Victoria under a pile of orders and shipping labels and Lynne out in the warehouse designing new children baskets, there doesn't seem to be enough time and hands to do anything! Thankfully, there's cake and tea in the staff kitchen to keep the energies up and motivated.As such, it's rather amazing we even found time for a dispatch blog post today. In fact, we don't even have time a full 3 blog feature, we'd just have to make a Basket of the Day post instead. Of course, the moment you decide that, there are lots of beautiful baskets being made up and ready for dispatch. From our brand new Alternative Therapies basket, to two Bronze hampers to one person, to No. 1 Boyfriend, it's such a grand mixture of hampers and basket that I found it very difficult to choose which one to feature as THE basket today.But I spy with my little eye, there was one glorious hamper that cannot be passed by without marvelling at it.Basket of the Day 12.10.16The Bountiful Birthday hamper, heading to a lady's 90th birthday in Leeds. It's amazing! Focusing mainly on baked goods, this is a bakery-lover's delight. We have Baci Di Dama cookies, chocolate fudge cake, a great selection of cupcakes and muffins, at least 3 mini cakes of different flavours and various other small baked nibbles. Then there is a plethora of sweeties, chocolates and treats, alongside all the tea and coffee you'd need to complement the food. Mmmm, What more can you ask for?