I always enjoy seeing a more unusual Gift Hamper going out, as we like to be able to show you a range rather than always the same best sellers. So when I spotted an order for our Lions Hammersmith Extra Hamper I immediately knew I would be including it in today's Daily Dispatch Blog.Unfortunately the warehouse had other ideas as they already had it packed to perfection when I went to snap a photo of it. I'm afraid I've had to cheat a bit and show you the pretty photo of it from our Product Page instead, but you can get the idea!All the food items are carefully layered and packed into the attractive wicker hamper, and the 4 bottles of wine are placed into pretty wine boxes to accompany the hamper.This particular order was placed by a lady in Liverpool for delivery to herself, so we think it is perhaps a prize. And what a lucky winner you would be to receive this amazing gift hamper. I can't decide if my favourites are the chocolates, waffles, shortbread, popcorn, wine, lemonade, fruit jellies, sweets or fudge. Who am I kidding, I love it all!