It's so much gift basket of the day, so much as gift box of the day today.I featured the Gourmet Pathway a good while back before (I think) and it's good to give it the spotlight again. Last year, we introduced a new range to our gift baskets, where we swap out the baskets for shallow box trays, complete with matching lid then sealed in cellophane and secured with ribbon. The Gourmet Pathway is one of those which got moved to the gift box range.These boxes are great for when you feel a basket is just a bit much, and a box of chocolates is a bit too simple. They're a corporate favourite so far. Just last week I had a client asking for ten of them to be shipped to his address to distribute as thank you gifts for people attending a conference. With people travelling for the conference, he didn't want them to have to carry a big basket through the airport/bus station/train etc, so these boxes are just perfect!We have at least two of these Gourmet Pathways leaving us today. One is a congratulatory gift to Jason and Liz in Bristol, UK, and the other is Jacqueline in Dublin.