Who had just finished accounting for all the Christmas order? Me, that's who! Hooray! I am no longer buried underneath piles upon piles of December paperwork! Now, before you think 'hurrah, she's free!', I would now inform you that whilst I am not under December paperwork no longer, I am now under January paperwork! D'oh!But hey, January paperwork is  only ankle-deep in comparison to December paperwork, so I'm sure I will catch up to present day paperwork soon.... maybe... if all the other paperwork from everything else (chasing up corporate clients, whatever reports or spreadsheets of the week strikes Neil's fancy etc) doesn't interfere. Actually, from past experience, I think I tend to be lagging behind for one or two months more.Anyways, today, I'm chasing up a load of clients in my folder and thinking 'hey, these guys takes forever and a day to reply to emails. So I could actually do a full dispatch blog!' Of course, the very day you think that they would take a while to get back to you, they reply immediately and want all these queries and additional calculations needing done (like right now please), in such a rush that you just have to sigh and accept fate - one basket of the day blog it would be.Well maybe not BASKET. See, I spotted an order with two baskets in it so it should strictly speaking be BasketS - plural!The wonderful Rachel from all the way over in Singapore had ordered these two baskets for the little baby twins of Ashley in Edinburgh, UK. The Twice as Nice gift baskets is one of our entry level twin babies basket. It features two adorable hedgehog rattles and two brand new soft toys in the form of an unbelievable soft elephant and cat.Not only that, there is a separate basket for mummy Ashley.The pamperfully perfect Golden Touch basket is something every new mum would like, me thinks. It contains all the necessary things for a soothing, pamper break from nappy changing and feeding hungry mouths. Why is it called 'Golden' Touch? Well the tea in it is not just any Earl Grey, it's a Golden Earl Grey tea which is velvety smooth and pleasantly warmly scented, I recommend enjoy it with a dash of milk and a bit of blossom honey. It really makes the difference!