Every mum will appreciate and value the comfort that their baby derives from a having a favourite toy to snuggle up to. Jellycat have been creating original and innovative soft toys in London since 1999.  They continue to combine luxurious fabrics with designs that always make them stand out from the crowd. We chose Bashful Monkey from their range because Lynne's eldest daughter has a monkey which she carried with her everywhere.  At eight years old 'Monkey' now resides on her bedside shelf but he was her constant companion while growing up and gave her great comfort and reassurance.  When she met someone new she always held out Monkey to 'vet' them before accepting them into her life!  Bashful Monkey clutches to his silky soft soother, it's just too irresistible to let go of,  far better to indulge in chocolate coloured cuddles!  The soother is rolled up tight and presented with a ribbon, but once undone countless cuddles abound and Bashful Monkey, in the corner, will keep on smiling! Comments from proud customers state that he is a great colour for being 'dragged' around and never looks grubby.  He washes well too.Our range was increased with the addition of Bashful Bunny who came in pink for baby girls, blue for baby boys,  as well as beige which was in our unisex range with Bashful Monkey.   Bashful Bunny Soother is the perfect gift for a newborn.  When the ribbon is untied, Bashful Bunny will not let go and nor will baby of his silky ears and strong hugging arms.  'A travel essential for nuzzly nap times and sweet slumbers. Hug a blankie today and keep bad dreams away'.Meet these cute cuddlies in our Contemporary Baby and Baby Organic Family Baskets here or purchase on our Create Your Own website.