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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gifts 02.02.17

We don't seem to have a lot of fruit baskets going today. Though, of course, now that I wrote that sentence out, there is probably going to be a flood of fruit orders sweeping in after lunch.

However, whilst we do not have a lot of fruit orders, we do have a couple number of baskets with flowering plants going today. In fact, so many that we have to send someone out to buy a second batch of plants to meet the demand! The current plants we have in stock are small roses. What I like about them is that the plant isn't in full bloom yet, which meant that by the time the recipient receives the gift, the buds would be open, or their new owner get the wonderful satisfaction of watching it become more and more beautiful day by day. This also minimizes the risk of the flower being in full bloom during transit and arriving at the recipient's hands at the start of the wilting stage.

1003063 Cheerful FlowerThe above is a new flower basket called Cheerful Flower Gift Basket. It comes with an inspirational messaged mug to cheer the recipient throughout the day as they have their cup of tea. It's going to birthday girl, Darshni, in London tomorrow. Her birthday is actually on Monday, but our flowering plant baskets are not available for delivery on Monday as the plant would be in transit over the entirety of the weekend and we wouldn't want it to appear in anything less than immaculate condition. So our customer, Isabel from Calgary, CA, arranged for this gift to arrive early on Friday instead!

Next up, let's move away from plants to focus on the fruit side of things.

7911014 Mini Team HamperThis colorful basket is the Mini Team Hamper. It's one of our fruit baskets which are designed with office sharing in mind. A company in the US ordered this for Autumn and Aysha in Ballsbridge, IE, as a congratulatory gift for them qualifying into a Dublin event. The basket contains "some treats to keep your spirits high and your tummies full"

Back to the flowers,  how about a Flowers & Bakery basket?

2415899 Flowers & BakeryThis one is beautiful and sooooo tempting. It contains not just a tea cake, but also a small tray of rocky road traybakes (yum!), shortbread (yum!) and not 1 muffin, but TWO muffins and TWO cupcakes (more yum!) Oh my, it's a basket to spoil the other person indeed. It was ordered alongside an Expectant Mum gift basket. Hmm, I wonder if they're sending this because the mummy-to-be is craving bakery goods?

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