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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 07.04.16

We recently got a new sandwich toaster in the office and to say the least, the office and staff kitchen had been smelling of toasties for a week and more now as everybody wanted to a go at the toaster. However, perhaps it was a mixture of hungry for lunch and also being presented with all these fabulous gourmet hampers, I cannot help but think if it's entirely possible to actually...well... cook something with the very hot metal plating that's on the sandwich maker. Like this packet of bacon going with this hamper here:

2407963 Brunch Basket

This yummilicious Brunch Basket is just perfect. I want to eat the whole thing up! This one is going to a Pastor in Limavady (Northern Ireland), as a thank you gift for allowing his church to host an event. Wow, I can't say I've seen many gifts going to pastors and churches before. That's certainly a new idea.

Next, we have a hamper being sent to a professor in London.

2407945 GTA Titanium Rouge

His students ordered this Great Taste Award Titanium Rouge hamper to be sent as "A small token of our gratitude for the last 6 weeks of constructive humiliation" Oh my, it's only April and we're already sending thank you gifts to teachers and professors? Wow, time really does fly. It just felt like yesterday that it was February. I remember back when I was a kid, we just send boxes of chocolates and a card and felt envious on how much chocolate my teacher used to get at the end of the year (do they eat them all?) Now it's hampers? If this is the standard teacher present nowadays, sign me up! I could teach... spreadsheet skills or something?

Speaking of messages, we have a hamper which is filled with heartfelt thanks.

2407965 Classic Thank You

Naveed (Freemont, US) had ordered this Classic Thank You got his friend Chris and his family. Part of the message said: "What Chris managed to do for us in the most difficult time of our lives left us beyond words." I read the message whilst I was looking at the hampers and cannot help but feel my heart soften at the words used. You can tell that the sender was sending their deepest heartfelt thanks and it changes and adds this extra layer of fondness to the hamper. We hope Chris and family appreciates their gift.


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