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When Do You Put Up Your Christmas Tree?

I don't know about you, but each day I am driving home now I am on the look out for any early birds who have already put up their Christmas tree this year.

So far I haven't seen any and we decided to outdo everyone this year and put up our office tree today! Well Annabel (my granddaughter) was here briefly, on her way home from school and she helped us out. It's only a little one and last year we couldn't actually find it in the warehouse so couldn't put it up.  They need all the space they can get in the warehouse, so anything non-essential is tidied away!

As we will soon be flat our processing all your Christmas hamper and gift basket orders we thought that we would put it up now while we still have the chance. We also get a few days off over Christmas to recover from all the hard work and so having the tree up earlier means we get the benefit of it.

It has cheered up a gloomy Friday for us all and we can't wait to see who follows suit and copies us.  It seems to be that when one tree goes up then everyone else follows! Now where's the Christmas music?

BG Christmas Tree

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