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Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 08.07.15

I think we should open our warehouse so people who don't like fruit, can come in and see and smell and the refreshing, exotic and scrumptious fruit. That would definitely tempt them into getting a health kick!  I am unfortunately not big on fruit, but I must admit I do get tempted when looking around the warehouse and seeing all the Fruit and Flower Gift Baskets.

The first one that I nearly stole was our Flavoursome Variety Gift Basket, this was being sent from our customers in New South Wales, AUSTRALIA to their poorly grandparents in WOLVERHAMPTON. Granny and Granda can enjoy some cheese and biscuits, ripe fruit or some delicious cookies with a nice cuppa! I can only imagine the joy they will feel not only receiving a Gift from their relatives who are so far way, but for it to be so beautiful and fresh:


I noticed a lovely Gift Message accompanying our Flowers and Cheese Gift Basket: 'We never had our walk / picnic the last time, so these are a few investment items for later. If you eat them, more will come. I also wanted to see the flowers before they died, so here are some potted flowers. I look forward to seeing a beautiful bouquet in August! Happy Bday!' This is for our senders close friend, both are from LONDON so hopefully the sun will have the flowers growing strong for when our customer returns from their travels.


Finally, what I would LOVE right now, our Get Well Fruit Basket for Her as I am going through a very poorly time this week. Our customer in KOREA has got it right for their sick friend in COLCHESTER. With plenty to entertain both your mind and tummy, hopefully this will speed up the recovery process.

725146 Orange coloured fruit overload!


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