Fruit & Flowers

Here at Basketsgalore Product Development, our aim is to create a modern alternative to the traditional concept of sending flowers and fruit. Our fresh combination Fruit Gift Baskets and Flowering Gift Baskets are a contemporary 21st Century gift choice.
They're imaginative, innovative, and lend themselves perfectly to our innate human desire to celebrate special occasions, with friends and loved ones, both at home and overseas. Seeing a lovely long line of colourful Baskets of Fruit lined up and beautifully wrapped for dispatch is uplifting for the soul. A Fruit Basket truly is an artistic arrangement. They should be fresh, vibrant and smell like an orchard, orangery or strawberry field. When they are unwrapped the smell of zesty oranges should transport the recipient from their sick bed to a warm, balmy climate drenched in sunshine. Fresh Fruit Baskets by Basketsgalore are a serious and viable competitor to a bouquet of flowers, and much more tasty naturally!
We have our own mathematical formula in determining the difference between Fruit Baskets, Fruit Hampers and Fruit Gift Baskets and we've used this to create unique fruit baskets highly enjoyed by our customers. The difference in the ratio between the fruit/food value equation is key. A Fruit Basket will be composed of no less than 90% fresh fruit, a Fruit Hamper can have as little as 20%.


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