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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flowers 21.05.15


I quite enjoyed looking at all the Fruit Gift Baskets today, it's always so picturesque and definitely makes it feel like summer is near.  However, between all the fruit, cheese,salmon, cake and children baskets going today, our Flower Gift Baskets took a hit, as it was not a favourite today in the warehouse. But I do believe what I've chosen will make up for what lacked of flowers today.

We had a customer from Zürich, SWITZERLAND sending their father a very generous Get Well Fruit Survival for Him Gift Basket in Dalkey, DUBLIN for both his birthday and as a get well gift (A good way to 'kill two birds with one stone' as they would say).


I was positioning our next Gift Basket, Revitaliser Basket for Him, for a picture and when I leaned in I was blasted with the amazing aroma of the fruits, and then I looked closely and seen a very handsome cover model... Jason Statham. This was of course, my favourite Gift Basket being dispatched today. The lucky recipient located in Clevedon, UK is receiving this from a friend in DUBAI.

1 I wonder if Jason smells as yummy as our Gift Basket??

Finally, we has a first class 5 Star Fruit Gift Basket being sent from our customer in MINNESOTA to their father in BIRMINGHAM. It will be a happy and healthy birthday for him:



4 Shout out to our Team Member Kate, who adored the spotty apples in last weeks daily dispatch.


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