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The Early Years At BasketsGalore: Our Very 1st Gift Baskets

Spring is in the air, at last, and with all the nostalgia of Mother's Day now over, my thoughts have turned back to the early days of BasketsGalore. Having always intended to be an all year round Gift Basket Company we never concentrated solely on Christmas hampers, even in the beginning.

I came across an original BasketsGalore Brochure from 2002 and we had a good giggle at some of the phrases and names we had come up with such as 'Dancing Like The Sugar Plum Fairy' in Pamper Her. And the boxed figure of 'Mr Right When You Need Him'  in Reality Romance. You could squeeze him and hear him say positive things like "You look thin, did you lose weight?" or "It's not your fault, it's mine" and "Can I take you shoe shopping?" - sounds like the perfect man eh! We still have a Pamper Her gift basket today in 2015, so it was a great name choice.

High Maintenance Man was another original basket & the name lived on in further reincarnations. The original design contained Belgian chocolate golf clubs, a radio-controlled car, facial moisturiser and seaweed soap.

High Maintenance Man 1st High Maintenance Man

I think that we may have been ahead of our time with gardening baskets containing flower seed mats, gardener's hand cream and welly boot soap. Also with our Home Sweet Home Basket containing bread scented candles and painted light bulbs, and Celebrate in Style with dinner-jacketed wine bottles, scented teddy bears, shimmer candles and chocolate truffles.

My particular favourite was Hug You Better which contained a cuddly teddy bear with an aromatherapy lavender scented pillow in his tummy,  a gel- filled eye therapy mask, a scented soap scroll for your radiator and Belgian mint chocolate- delicious!

Hug You Better 1st Hug You Better


There was also a baby section, even way back then, with baby balloons, cuddle robes, fluffy animal slippers, albums. Also Earth Friendly Baby organic creams and body washes together with Natalia New Mother Bath Soak, both of which we still use to this day. Our 'Baby Bonanza' Baskets may have changed a little bit in thirteen years, but I'm sure you'll agree they are still excellent value & quality.

Baby Bonanza 1st Baby Bonanza

So which of these originals is your favourite gift basket design? You never know, it could make a comeback!

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