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Valentine's Day From Around The World

Valentine's Day will soon be upon us, but are you ready to show that special person in your life how much you love them? In the UK, we usually associate Valentine's Day with the giving and receiving of cards and gifts, primarily chocolates and flowers. Though, when you want to give something really special you give them a lovingly made Gift Basket or Gift Hamper. How do the rest of the world spend celebrate it:


In Japan men are traditional adorned with chocolate and gifts from women, they just sit back and enjoy the gift giving. They have created a new day White Day March 14th, for men to reciprocate the gift giving for women.

Denmark & Norway 

Men anonymously send "Gaekkebrev", which are funny little poems or rhyming love notes. They are given 1 clue, the number of letters in the senders name. If they get it right they get an Easter egg from the sender at Easter, if they are wrong they have to give the sender an Easter egg at Easter.

Finland & Estonia

This day has become more about celebrating friendship, with it being called Happy Friends Day, though many people tie the knot or get engaged on this day.

Norfolk, England

Although they celebrate with the traditional customs mentioned above they also have a Jack Valentine sometimes called Old Father Valentine, who would knock on little children's door and sneakily leave little treats & small presents.

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