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BasketsGalore's Cheeky Apple Beer Taste Testing

Ever wondered how your job could be better?

I know my answer will always be, have more taste testing!

This week we received delicious samples of Apple Beers from The Good Food & Wine Company.

The Northern Irish company was established in 2012 by directors Nicholas Lestas and Michelle McNicholl-Lestas. They are based in Coleraine and are specialists in producing high quality artisan products. The company has had many successes with their products, with a number of their products receiving the Great Taste Award in 2013, including both of the apple beers we received. The Good Food & Wine Company also stock their apples beers in Harrods, London. The apples for their beers are grown in the Orchard County of Armagh, the apples are then pressed using the time-honored method of 'rack and cloth-press' which produces a  natural non-alcoholic apple beer full of texture and flavour.

In our sample box we received the Zesty Apple Beer (which comes in a clear form and is packaged  in an elegant white and gold packaging, with a champagne top) and the Green Apple Beer (comes in a cloudy form and is packaged in an exciting and colourful green and gold packaging, with a champagne top) Both of these apple beers have come with the serving suggesting of poured over crushed ice with mint as a summer drink. (Which sounds perfect to me.)


Apple Beers The Good Food & Wine Company sent us delicious samples of their apple beers.


I asked 7 members of the office team to test the drinks, they were only too happy to.  Each person was given a glass and asked for their feedback on the  flavour. They were  then asked the hardest question we are always faced with at Baskets Galore, which is your favourite?

The exciting results of the taste test are as follows:

1st Place - Zesty Apple Beer, with 4 votes

2nd Place - Green Apple Beer, with 3 votes

(The result was close and it's safe to say it was a hard decision to make.)

The taste testers comments on the apple beers:

Laura:  "Zesty Apple Beer is good for summer and Green Apple Beer is good for winter."

Andrea: "The Green Apple Beer leaves a lovely warm feeling after, it would be perfect for Christmas."

Roma: "The Green Apple Beer has a nice stronger taste, I can taste ginger."

Shannon: "The Zesty Apple Beer is delicious and so easily drunk.

Look out for these apples beers in baskets soon!

The Zesty Apple Beer will be found in our fruit baskets and get well baskets and the Green Apple Beer will be found in our Christmas baskets.

Have you ever tasted this range of apple beers, which is your favourite? Or if you haven't which do you want to try the most?

Post your comment on Facebook or Twitter!


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