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Favourite Fruits From 4 Members Of Our Team

Now that Spring has nearly sprung it means there are lots more fresh fruit options available to us, to add into our fruit gift baskets.

Today I thought I would ask the girls in the office what fruits they like to eat, and which is their favourite and why?

Kate – I always enjoy asking Kate these types of questions because she always amazes me with her unusual answers that always give me something to write about. This time she didn't pick anything too unusual  -Mango, Blueberries and Apricots.

Roma – Well Roma’s answers made me chuckle as she basically picked fruit that we do not include in a gift basket -  Banana, Strawberries and Pears. As we mentioned before, although these softer fruits are popular and really delicious they really don't travel well & so aren't ideal for gift baskets going through a delivery network. We try to make up for this by offering tasty sun-dried versions!

Victoria –Victoria told me she doesn't really eat much fruit & isn't the healthiest of eaters, but if she had to pick some they would include - Grapes, Apples & Oranges.

And myself,  Jade? Well the fruit that I enjoy most would be melon. I love that on a Sunday while everyone else is eating their prawn cocktail for starters, I'm in the corner eating the melon balls that I stood for about 20 minutes cutting out! Then it only takes me about 5 minutes to eat them all up. My second choice would be oranges although too many of these and I come out in red lumps (just  my luck)! Third choice would be grapes as I think these are the easiest fruit to eat on the move.

Here in Baskets Galore our company directors feel it is important to promote being healthy and every week they do their part in making sure the staff get one of their five a day if they wish to do so! They are very kind and thoughtful and leave a basket of fruit in our lunch room for us to snack on, this can range from kiwis, oranges to apples and melons. Neil even made wheat grass shots for everyone one day as a cleanser when he saw all the fast food packets in the bin!

neil wheatgrass

What is your favourite fruit and why ? What other fruit would you like to see us include in your baskets?

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