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Christmas Holly in June?

It's that time of year again, the sun is shining for a change & it's hot outside. So perfect weather for thinking about the photographs for BG's Christmas Hampers! I don't think!

I got a text at lunch time from work -  "Bring Holly For Photo's Please". Luckily when we started out over 10 years ago I bought a little holly bush from the garden centre & planted it in my front garden. The first year I was hardly able to cut any off it as it was so small. I only managed about 6 small leaves for the photo, but it brought the mince pies to life by sitting on top of them. Each year since I have managed a little bit more.

At this time of year however the berries are tiny and still green, so we have to be creative and use artificial ones from an old table decoration! Would you have known?

Have a lovely sunny weekend!


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