Unless you've recently come out of hibernation it is pretty impossible to have missed that fact that the Football World Cup is currently in full flow in Russia. There are a few reasons why you may be searching for World Cup Football Gifts. It could be because you have a football mad partner or friend and you just want to send them something to celebrate with while they watch all the games. It could also be that you know someone whose Birthday falls within June/July and so a football themed Birthday Gift is perfect this year. Father's Day also fell during the World Cup, 17th June, and so a football themed Father's Day Gift is another opportunity.World Cup Football Gifts - Logo

World Cup Football Gifts - Your Options

1 Tickets If you are extremely organised you may have thought about this many months in advance when tickets to the matches first went on sale. The table below shows the pricing, although they were also being sold on 3rd party ticketing websites and between members of the public too. You had to submit an application for tickets back in September 2017 and they were then told in 2 phases.

Ticket prices for 2018 World Cup in Russia
Match Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 - Russian residents
Opening match £414* £294 £166 £42**
Group matches £158 £124 £79 £17
Round of 16 £185 £139 £87 £29
Quarter-finals £275 £192 £132 £50
Semi-finals £565 £362 £215 £59
3rd/4th place play-off £275 £192 £132 £50
Final £829 £535 £343 £92

(Source: BBC)

 2. A Trip To Russia

Now this would be an excellent Gift idea. Getting to enjoy the atmosphere in the host Country and hopefully picking up cheap tickets while there. However, for most people it would be outside of the budget and far too much to get organised on behalf of someone else.3. Official MerchandiseMerchandise is a great way to feel a part of the celebrations but without breaking the bank. There is the official Fifa World Cup merchandise and also merchandise tailored to each Country playing in the World Cup. Merchandise ranges from pens, mugs and key rings, to official shirts, hoodies and signed memorabilia.4. GamesTo get them in the mood they are lots of games and collectors items such as the Monopoly World Cup Edition, Fifa 18 for the Xbox/Playstation etc or the Panini World Cup Sticker Album. We used to love collecting the stickers as children, and I know of quite a few "big kids" collecting them now as adults. Since when did a packet of stickers cost 80 pence mind you!5. Football Themed Gift BasketWe love this idea as you can combine lots of things they like into 1 gift and theme it for football. I used this idea for my husband's Father's Day Gift last week. I filled it with things he can eat and drink while watching the games such as cider, gin, chocolate, sweeties and nuts. I then included some "Best Dad" socks & a personalised "To Do" List for the Father's Day aspect and then the Panini Sticker Album and Sticker packs for the football theme. Although you could use any of the other available merchandise too.World Cup Football Gifts - CYO Basket             World Cup Football Gifts - CYO Basket for Father's Day

If you don't have the time, energy or resources to create your own World Cup Football Gifts then let BasketsGalore take care of it for you.The "Football Flair" Gift Basket comes with a range of snacks to feast on while watching the footie - crisps, chocolates, popcorn, waffles and barbecue nuts as well as some ginger beer to wash it down with. It is then themed for football with the inclusion of  a handmade wooden sign saying "Eat, Sleet, Play Football" and a football slogan mug stating "Some people think it’s a game of life & death. It’s more important than that".  There is also the option to add a football magazine to the contents for a few pounds extra. You can view or purchase World Cup Football Gifts right hereWorld Cup Football Gifts - Football FlairOf course, maybe they've already got their official merchandise and so a football theme isn't necessary or maybe they're just all about the food/drink and the game. In that case there are plenty of other Food & Drink themed Gift Baskets and Hampers he/she can enjoy.