Unveiling the Essence of Exquisite Gift Hampers


Gift Hampers are a timeless way of expressing our appreciation and affection. They serve as a unique gesture that caters to specific tastes and preferences, while adding a personal touch. We’ll delve deeper into when these Great Taste Award Winning Hampers are most commonly sent and how they seamlessly fit into our celebration of significant moments in our life.


So what are the most popular times we send Gift Hampers?


  • Christmas: It’s a time of joy, generosity and sharing so it comes as no surprise that Gift Hampers are particularly popular during this festive season. Gift Hampers offer an array of luxurious and gourmet treats that perfectly capture the spirit of the season. It saves you the time and effort by providing a ready-made collection of items that are beautifully packed and presented. Moreover, Gift Hampers create lasting memories and strengthen relationships. Whether it’s surprising a distant relative or sending a hamper to a close friend or colleague, the act of sending Christmas Gift Hampers promotes a sense of connection and warmth over the holidays.


  • Birthdays: A Gift Hamper makes the best Birthday Gift because it offers a delightful assortment of treats and surprises. It goes beyond giving someone one single item, by providing an assortment of goodies that you know the person receiving will appreciate. Demonstrating that you have carefully chosen a selection of items to make their birthday special. Moreover, the beautiful packaging of Birthday Gift Hampers adds to the excitement. It creates a sense of joy and surprise, making anyone feel cherished and valued on their special day.


  • Anniversaries: They make great Anniversary Gifts because they’re filled with thoughtfulness and variety. By sending a collection of items tailored to the couple’s preferences, a gift hamper shows attention to detail and consideration. It can include items like wine or champagne and gourmet sweet and savoury treats. The diverse selection within a gift hamper allows the couple to enjoy multiple indulgences together, adding depth and richness to their celebration. Additionally, the beautifully packaged hamper adds an element of excitement and anticipation, enhancing the sentiment of love and appreciation on their anniversary.


  • Corporate Gifting: Sending Gift Hampers for corporate events and clients has become a common practice in the business world. One of the main reasons is to show gratitude and appreciation. Business relationships are built on trust and communication so delivering a gift can be a gesture of goodwill that goes beyond business transactions. Additionally, Gift Hampers provide convenience for corporate gifting instead of individually selecting multiple gifts, a hamper offers a ready-made solution. This convenience is particularly advantageous when dealing with large scale events or when sending gifts to a large number of people simultaneously.


Although it’s true to say you’re not limited to only sending a Gift Hamper on the occasions mentioned above. You can most certainly send a beautiful Hamper for any instance you see fit, perhaps a loved one simply needs a little cheering up. Our Gift Hampers are filled with high quality gourmet items, packed with love and care, making for a really thoughtful and memorable gift experience.


What types of Gift Hampers do Basketsgalore offer?


Our Gift Hampers were created to bridge the gap between you and your loved ones in the form of mouth-watering gourmet food and drink. The majority of the food found inside our gifts have held a prestigious ‘Great Taste Award’ within the past decade, which is a highly coveted title awarded to only the finest artisan food producers. Hence the Hampers Great Taste Award Winning names.


Great Taste Award Winning Hampers


We believe shopping for a Hamper should be easy. For this reason we’ve carefully designed options at several price points, various colour themes and for multiple different tastes to make it simple for you.


I’ll explain exactly why and how we’ve achieved this in the following sections.


Basketsgalore Gourmet Hampers for the UK 

Gourmet Hampers


When you think of ‘gourmet food’ you’ll probably think of high quality. Not only do we fill all of our Gourmet Gift Hampers with the best quality food but also focus on the flavours someone who really loves their food will enjoy. We don’t see the point in creating a Hamper with food that won’t be loved. What makes our Gourmet Hampers distinctive is the inclusion of products sourced from micro producers throughout the UK and Ireland. Which means we’re not only connecting you with friends and family, but linking inspirational local producers with individuals near and far.

These award winning food hampers feature fresh deli style foods, handmade speciality produce and wine should you wish to include it. A customer favourite since 2005 is our Great Taste Award Mixed Silver Hamper. Including a duo of gourmet wines, chilled delicacies and a host of food gifts, it’s the perfect all rounder for any occasion or event.


Non-Alcoholic Hampers for UK Delivery

Non Alcoholic Hampers


At Basketgalore we’re known as one of the top companies in the UK and Ireland for alcohol free hampers. We strive to continue this by offering a selection of stunning hampers with a greater emphasis on quality food rather than alcohol. With many companies removing alcohol from a standard hamper and calling it something else, we knew how we could stand out from the rest. Instead we’ve custom designed a range of Non-Alcoholic Hampers from scratch with a diverse range of high quality foods and luxury items. Any drinks which have been included inside are something we would enjoy drinking ourselves and also happen to be alcohol free.

The food found inside may include a variety of artisan cheeses, endless chocolate truffles along with an abundance of other delicacies to indulge upon. A hugely popular choice with these contents is our Great Taste Award Chrome Hamper.  It has a perfect blend of both savoury and sweet foods to suit everyone’s tastes, with a focus on the best items we know people want to receive the most.


Wine & Cheese Hampers UK

Wine and Cheese Hampers


Our Wine & Cheese Hampers have been created to not only appeal to the cheese lovers of the world but wine aficionados too. This is because we include internationally recognized wine brands and locally sourced artisan cheeses, which have been hand chosen by our in house team. Within the hampers you’ll find popular red wines from Australia and world renowned white wines from New Zealand. The cheese that’s been selected for our Gift Hampers is from local family run businesses. Giving us, and you the assurance they've been crafted with love and care as they focus on quality, rather than quantity.

The Great Taste Award Bronze Duo Gift Hamper offers everything you could want from a Gift Hamper. With a duo of wine, tasty cheese to share and many other sweet and savoury foods, at such a reasonable price, there’s no surprise it’s a best seller with our customers. It’s ideal for any event or occasion you have in mind.


Fresh Hampers

Fresh Hampers


We’ve scoured the UK and Ireland to provide the best fresh food hampers possible for our customers. In fact we were the first hamper company (20 years ago) to incorporate chilled fresh foods like smoked salmon and ham into our hampers at Christmas time. They proved to be so popular, our customers have requested Chilled Hampers all year round to send for other gift occasions.

Today there are many other hamper companies who now include fish and meat, as well as cheeses into their hampers. Although we do like to think our hampers are streets ahead of the rest in terms of quality and presentation. A best selling fresh food hamper each year is our Great Taste Award Chilly Gold Hamper. Filled with fresh organic smoked salmon, traditional ham and quality artisan foods, it’s a unique and memorable gift for all to enjoy.


Sparkling Hampers 

Sparkling Hampers


Do you have someone in your life who craves a touch of extravagance? Perhaps they demand a little extra sparkle in their gifts? Then look no further because our Sparkling Hampers are designed to cater to every taste. From exquisite Champagne and Prosecco to rich wines and delectable treats that pair perfectly, providing a joyous experience for any celebration. Whether it’s a Birthday bash, Anniversary or festive gathering, our Gift Hampers ensure that the party is elevated to new heights, leaving a lasting and memorable impact on everyone in attendance.

The Great Taste Award Platinum Wine Hamper is a top selling luxury gift thanks to the adventurous contents inside and the size of the hamper itself. Featuring four popular wines including a bottle of bubbly to help them raise a glass on their special occasion or event. Arriving in a stunning wicker basket it will be clear to the recipient that they’re in for a treat.

Ultimately, our Great Taste Award Winning Hampers are created to deliver an exceptional gastronomic experience. By incorporating award-winning products and offering non-alcoholic alternatives, we strive to create hampers that are both indulgent and inclusive. Perfect for gifting on special occasions or simply to savour and enjoy the finer things in life. However, if one of our Hampers doesn’t intrigue you, feel free browse through our Gift Baskets for something a little different without doubt that we’ll have what you’re looking for.