Spring Bank Holiday 2018 - Monday 28th May

We all love a Bank Holiday, as it usually means a day off work and as they always fall on a Monday, an extra long weekend. In the UK there are 2 Bank Holidays in May. These can be a little confusing as some people get both May Day (1st Monday in May) and the Spring Bank Holiday (last Monday in May) off work, while others only get the 1st one. You can see a full list of Bank holidays here.I'm pleased to say we had May Day off (7th May 2018). We're also getting this Monday (28th May 2018) off as we tend to mirror what the courier companies do. It is set to be a lovely sunny weekend too, which makes it even better. My husband isn't getting Monday off however, so I will have to come up with a plan to entertain my 2 boys solo.Although it is nice to have a Monday off, it is also awkward when you would like to have a gift delivered. Unfortunately there are no deliveries on Bank Holidays.Fear not however, as we are willing to take the blame for your tardiness. Should you opt for delivery on the Tuesday or Wednesday instead, we won't tell if you don't!

Good Time For A Picnic

The May Spring Bank Holiday tends to make me think of picnics and outdoor fun. The weather has usually improved enough by now to allow this (fingers crossed.)If I could pick one of our Gift Baskets to take on a picnic I think it would either be a fruit and food themed one, such as these beauties below. There are options for smoked salmon, ham and smoked meats. Nuts, oatie bars and crisps as snacks and lemonade or ginger beer for drinks. How very Famous Five eh! For our full fruit range please see here.Or I might spice things up a bit if we didn't have to drive and bring along a Wine & Food Basket, full range here. These can include anything you want really, including the fresh chilled meats again, cheese and crackers. Also chocolate, biscuits, crisps, nuts, olives and that all important wine.Going on a picnic with my 2 sons however, would involve ham & cheese sandwiches, crisps, chocolate muffins and blackcurrant cordial.What would be your ideal picnic basket contents and what would the more realistic contents be?