Perfect Pairings: An Exploration of Wine & Chocolate in Elegant Gift Baskets


Thoughtful duos, elegant hues - gifts simply done, hearts warmly won.


When searching for a gift to send someone, be it for a Birthday, expressing thanks, celebrating or simply to show you care, we often have our go to options, don’t we? The ideas that come to my mind are a bottle of wine and a nice box of chocolates, a duo adored by many. However, as we find pleasure in conveying our sentiments through gifts, we also value the ease of making a decision. That’s why I’m here to present our ‘Simply Done’ Gift Baskets filled with elegant wine and chocolate which have been designed to simplify the process for you.

You might wonder, “Why can’t I just send a bottle of wine and chocolate from a local shop?”. Indeed, you can do that, but what sets our Gift Baskets apart is the extraordinary pairing of premium wine and gourmet chocolate. We are confident that the remarkable combinations found inside our Gifts will leave a lasting impression of your thoughtful gesture to friends, family members and colleagues throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Wine and chocolate are without a doubt two of life’s greatest luxuries and also one of the most classic pairings, that's precisely why we’ve designed an entire range dedicated to the duo. Although you might then ask which wines compliment specific types of chocolate? and how can you be certain that the contents we’ve carefully chosen will leave them satisfied? Allow me to clarify below how our Gift Baskets are paired to perfection..


Contents Paired Elegantly

Our Wine & Chocolate Gift Baskets offer more than an indulgent treat. Each bottle of wine selected by our expert team represents a different region, unique taste and an appreciation for the art of winemaking. Ranging from Jacob’s Creek Shiraz, a rich Australian wine to Wyndham Estate Chardonnay and Prosecco Guerriero Rizzardi from Italy.


Products in Gift Baskets


Similarly, the assortment of chocolate introduces a world of diverse flavours and textures. Including origin-based delights of Willie’s Cacao Truffles from Venezuela and captivating flavours of Naive Chocolate hailing from Lithuania. Alongside these, we’ve included beloved favourites such as Lindt and Lily O’Brien’s, ensuring a balanced blend of tradition and exploration.

Incorporating different varieties of chocolate such as dark and milk chocolate in Wine Gift Baskets is essential for providing a dynamic tasting experience. This allows for a range of pairing possibilities with various wines. For example, dark chocolate with a higher percentage of cacao is perfect for pairing with bold red wines. On the other hand, milk and white chocolate brings a creamier taste which pairs exceptionally with lighter wines with fruity characteristics. Below I’ve put together some suggested wine pairings for you to try at home.


Wine and Chocolate Pairings


We hope our Gift Baskets provide an opportunity to explore new products and take each person receiving one on a flavourful journey around the world.


Elegant Gift Baskets to Look at

Repurposed Gift Baskets


Not only are the contents inside our Gifts enjoyable, but they also possess an exquisite visual appeal. We place great importance on ensuring that each Gift leaving our warehouse is something you would personally delight in receiving. Thanks to our meticulous attention to detail, we have crafted some of the most breath-taking Gift Baskets in existence, with a particular highlight being our Simply Elegant Gift Baskets. One notable feature is our white wicker baskets, which not only exudes elegance but can also serve multiple purposes even after unwrapping the Gift. Take for instance, their ability to function as aesthetically pleasing book or blanket holders, as shown above.


Gift Baskets Elegantly Wrapped


Our dedicated team takes the time to hand-wrap each Gift Basket with vibrant ribbon and includes a personalised card, featuring a message written by you. We strongly believe that these thoughtful additions provide a perfect finishing touch to a gift. Our approach emphasizes the importance and purpose of your gift, rather than our own branding at Basketsgalore. In fact, we intentionally minimize our branding to ensure that the focus remains on the person receiving, creating a truly memorable present that will make them think of you fondly.


Gifts Delivered with Elegance

Simply Elegant Gift Baskets Delivered


After the preparation of the Gifts, our customer service team steps in to ensure smooth delivery throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. As a family-run business, we have the advantage of our warehouse and office in one single location, enabling us to provide real time updates on delivery progress and assist you with any special requests you may have. You can read more about how we ensure your gifts arrive with ease in our blog “Everyone loves wine and chocolates. It's extremely popular but how do you know your gift will arrive immaculately?”.

We understand the significance of timely deliveries, particularly when it comes to occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other important milestones. Recognizing the joy and excitement that accompanies receiving a gift on a specific day, we strive to make that experience seamless for both you and the person receiving.

If you’re curious about our delivery process in action, we invite you to explore how we deliver Simply Elegant Gift Baskets on our Youtube. Witnessing the care and attention put into each step can help you envision the happiness your loved ones will experience upon opening their beautifully presented gift. It’s our goal to create lasting memories and heartfelt moments, one stunning Gift Basket at a time.


Simply Elegant Gifts Delivered


So, there you have it if you’d like to learn more about our ‘Simply Done’ range. I recommend checking out our blog “The Greatest Gift Baskets in the UK Simply Done”. It dives into the details behind the creation of our diverse selection of Gifts. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to show someone you care, rest assured a perfectly paired Gift Basket from Basketsgalore will bring immense joy to the lucky person receiving.