I think I wrote in a previous blog a bit about which month is the busiest for birthdays, and if my memory serves me correctly it was September time & in particular the date of 26th September. I remember as that was when my first son Rowan was due to arrive into the world, but then he didn't show up until 4th October.I did a quite bit of research for a graph showing popular birthday dates and months, and found this one based on birthdays in the US in an article in the Daily Mail.birthday heatmapThis too seems to back up the idea about September birthdays, and that 9 months prior to this is the Holiday season! Christmas & New Year Birthdays aren't as common, with the exception of 30th December which is actually Lynne's birthday!Speaking of Lynne, the end of January/start of February seems to be a busy birthday time for her as I've seen her organising quite a few birthday cards & presents over the past week or so. Today is also our brother, and colleague, Neil's birthday and he is claiming to be 38 years old. If that is the case it make me only 28, and so I'm happy to go with that! Here is the birthday boy enjoying his delicious chocolate cake to make up for having to be in work.Neils birthday 2017Birthday Gift Baskets would be our best selling range throughout the year as everybody has a birthday obviously. We recently added some new exciting baskets to the range to cater for the recipient by age, personality and relationship. Check back soon for more info on these.