So yesterday I was saying I'm getting the hang of this particular blog again, and it's just as well as today I am back on Daily Dispatch duty again. Unfortunately poor Kate was off ill today (get well soon Kate!) and Roma was still surrounded by orders to process earlier, so I volunteered. Hopefully you won't mind listening to me again today :)I seem to be a fan of our pretty gift boxes at the moment, these are still a bit of a novelty as they were only introduced at Christmas time. Also the hampers were all packed up again and as there was a bit of  a photo shoot going on down in the packing area, I didn't have much room to unpack one & lay all the items out. That's not to say our Gourmet Pathway shouldn't feature, as it is still a wonderful food gift. Many of our customers are repeat ones & some say to us they don't need the gift basket if they are reordering to the same recipient. However, the gift basket is both for presentation purposes and to keep the items safe in transit. We can't ship items loosely/individually for fear they might smash or be squashed in the delivery network. So to meet in the middle the gourmet gift box was developed to cover both these reasons, while keeping repeat customers happy and the price down.When you first see the lidded box, the gift looks slick & compact. Then upon opening it up you discover A LOT of items inside (12 to be exact, 1 of which is a full bottle of wine!)The message accompanying this one also made me laugh as it told the gentleman in Beaworthy receiving it for this 50th birthday that he was now officially a grumpy old git!