I was rather spoilt for choice today in regards of flowers and fruit baskets. Sometimes, I stroll in and there is not a single fruit and flower basket in sight because they are either still be made up by the team, or I was too slow and they boxed them up already. Today though, ho ho ho, there was at least 6 for me to choose from!Do I go for a sympathy basket? Or that get well basket? Maybe that thank you one? Hm, decisions, decisions. I definitely want flowers AND fruit though, so that narrowed my choices down to 3 baskets present. Eeny, meeny, miney, MO!Well, well, well, what basket satisfy the flowers AND fruit criteria more than the aptly named Flowers & Fruit Gift Basket?This beautiful basket not only have a potted flowering plant alongside the basket, but the basket itself is accented with purple fabric flowers as well. It's a birthday basket for the lovely Nimra in Birmingham, UK. Whilst the main focus of the basket are the fruit and the plant, as you can see, it comes with some chocolates, biscuits and even a truckle of cheese as well. Marvelous!