How had everybody's bank holiday weekend been? Mine was filled with attempts to visit a new seasonal pop-up market in the city, and constantly failing during to scheduling, weather, rain, rain and scheduling. In the end we just had a barbeque in the back garden, before regretting it because that particular evening wasn't exactly the warmest.But, back to work, I am pleased to see that a company order I'd been working with last week had decided to go ahead with their order after any backward and forward emailing - it was almost like email table tennis with a very fast player!The company, based in Swords, Ireland, would have two of their employees leaving them over the next two days, so the staff are arranging a gift for each of them. However, one of the leavers has gluten-free dietary requirements, yet at the same time, the company wants the baskets to look similar to one another.We settled for our ever popular Cheesy Sunshine basket in the end and for the gluten-free leaver, we went through her basket and replaced some of the items for gluten free alternatives. Check it out below, what do you think?