Baby Gift Baskets: Many moons ago Lynne & I decided that our Baby BasketsGalore Division should really have it's own Social Media pages as it's such a significant slice of our Gift Basket Company. We also didn't want to bore all our Customers with tales of our children and working life (unless they had asked to be) and so a separate project seemed like the way forward. We came us with the idea of Virtual Parenting which you can read more about here.Fast forward a few years, and a few babies later and we hadn't managed to keep very up-to-date with it as we juggled all the BasketsGalore balls. However, it is now back in action as a bit of fun & an outlet, so please take a moment to check it out if you can.By the phrase Baby Baskets, we of course mean gift baskets designed to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. We have lots of glorious examples of these to show case, including Baby Girl Gift Baskets, Baby Boy Gift Baskets, Organic Baby Gift Baskets, Unisex Baby Gift Baskets, Twin Baby Gift Baskets and Gift Baskets For New Mums/Parents. These are all available on our main BasketsGalore site too.However, if like us you think "Mm, baby and basket, baby in basket?" Then yes we have also tried this of course, as we have so many baskets to hand. Here are Annabel and Rowan modelling for us, but I couldn't find photo's of Katherine & Theo, our younger children. There is still time for Theo at almost 11 months old, Katherine is now 5 years old however. I wonder would she fit into our largest hamper.....?