A Feast for the Senses: How Colourful Flower Gift Baskets Combine Beauty and Flavour


Elevate your gifting game with our Flower Gift Baskets, where gourmet surprises and timeless elegance collide in perfect harmony.


Giving flowers as gifts is a timeless and universal gesture that’s been encouraged in every culture. They’re long associated with emotions and expressing sentiments that words alone may fail to convey. So, that’s why we believe when flowers are offered, they provide a slice of the outdoors brought indoors. A reminder of life’s delicate balance.

The vibrant colours and captivating scent of flowers engage the senses, immediately evoking a sensory experience that can brighten even the dullest of days. While the visual appeal of a carefully arranged bouquet can instantly lift one’s spirits. The act of giving flowers is a thoughtful gesture that demonstrates care for the person receiving, reminding them they’re loved and valued.

They have a unique ability to communicate sentiments without the need for words, and serve as messengers of love, gratitude, sympathy and even apology. Furthermore, receiving flowers has been scientifically linked to an improvement in mood and overall well-being. Studies have actually shown that the presence of fresh flowers can elevate a person’s mood, reduce stress levels and induce feelings of happiness. Then the act of looking after them provides a sense of purpose and mindfulness.

Flower Gift Baskets


So, it’s no wonder a flowering rose plant incorporated into our colourful Gift Baskets is a wonderful complement to the assortment of treats they hold within. These carefully designed Gifts not only offer a sensory feast for the taste buds, but the eyes as well. The juxtaposition of fresh, vibrant blooms and gourmet goodies provides a multi-sensory journey that’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression on friends, family and colleagues wherever in the world they might be.

Although have you ever wondered about the process behind designing, assembling and sending out our Flowers Gift Baskets? In the upcoming sections, I’ll reveal the steps we take to guarantee each one is prepared and dispatched with precision and care.   


Contents Colourfully Co-ordinated

Colourful Gift Basket and Flowers

At Basketsgalore, we understand that a Gift should be a feast for the eyes as much as it is the palate. We believe that flowers are nature’s artwork, and as such, serve as a focal point of these creations. Bursting with vibrant colours, delicate petals and a fruity fragrance, these fresh flowers are delivered weekly and watered daily to bring life to any space. We take pride in ensuring that each flowering plant is beautifully wrapped, carefully placed in a stunning gift bag, and tied with a bright ribbon.

But what truly elevates these Gift Baskets are the delicious contents they hold. Alongside the beautiful flowers, our Gifts are filled with an array of tasty treats. We make sure to get the freshest and finest from local producers. Not forgetting beloved favourites from renowned brands such as Lindt and Skellig’s among many others.

We offer a range of Gift Baskets tailored to different tastes. Some are designed for those who prefer sweeter surprises, while others are created with an emphasis on savoury flavours. Additionally, a select number of these baskets come with either a premium bottle of wine or a duo of fine wines, adding an extra touch of celebration to any gift-giving experience.

Our Flower Gifts are a seamless integration of both aesthetics and taste. Some may say that flowers are a timeless gift but arguably spend most of their time on a windowsill. When partnered with a Gift Basket they can not only be looked at but enjoyed with the inclusion of gourmet food. This promises you’ll leave a lasting memory, long after the last petal has fallen. Speaking of looks, lets discuss the visual appeal of these Gifts.


Colourful Gift Baskets to Look at

Flower Gift Baskets ready for dispatch

Before anything else, our Flower Baskets are more than just Gifts. They’re moments of pure bliss. We enjoy designing each one with the same care and consideration we would for our own loved ones. You can see this featured on our YouTube, that shows how these Gift Baskets are a tribute to both artistry and visual appeal.

But, what sets them apart is the elegant white wicker basket they come in. Beyond their initial beauty, these baskets find other purposes. Picture them holding books, toys, or blankets. Blending functionality with beauty in any setting.

Repurposed Gift Baskets

Every Gift Basket is finished with hand-tied ribbon, adding a pop of colour. You can also include a personalised message in a greetings card of your choice at checkout. These final touches are our way of ensuring that your heartfelt emotions shine through, creating a truly memorable experience for both you and your loved ones.

We believe that the focus should always be on the exceptional quality of the contents. That’s why we keep our branding minimal. This allows your friends and family to fully appreciate the time and thought gone into the special gift you sent them. And your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, ensuring your gifts arrive as beautifully as intended. So, let’s talk about how we extend this commitment to the seamless delivery of Gift Baskets throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe.


Gifts Delivered with Iridescent Intentions

Gift Basket in warehouse

Once the Flower Baskets are ready to embark on their journey from our warehouse, our devoted customer service team steps in to ensure an efficient delivery experience. Being a family-run business with our warehouse and office conveniently in one location it gives us a unique advantage. This setup enables us to provide you with real-time updates on the progress of your delivery and swiftly attend to any special requests you might have.

We understand the significance of timely deliveries, especially for momentous occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries and other important milestones. And we appreciate the sheer excitement that comes with receiving a Gift on a specific day. Our focus is to make this experience as smooth as possible for you, the thoughtful sender and for the fortunate recipient. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure your Gift Basket arrives right on time, creating a truly unforgettable moment for your friends and family.

Woman receiving Gift Basket

When sending Gifts, flowers stand as universal messengers of emotion, transcending language and culture. That’s why I believe we’ve perfected the art of pairing nature’s finest blooms with a selection of delectable treats. It’s a fusion of two worlds; the delicate beauty of fresh flowers and the mouthwatering allure of gourmet food.

But we don’t just stop at Flower Gift Baskets alone. We’ve got something for everyone in our ‘Simply Done’ collection. Whether it’s vibrant fruit, spa-like indulgences or other thoughtful luxuries, we’ve got you covered. Take a read through our blog “The Greatest Gift Baskets in the UK Simple Done” and find the ideal gift for your special someone today.