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The Great Housewarming Trifecta

When searching for a new home gift, we can often be torn between something personal or something practical. Do you go for something they can use right away or something they can cherish forever? Something functional or something that matches the aesthetic? Perhaps the challenge is finding something different than the options we so frequently see online ( I guarantee you someone has already got them a cheese board). That's why, here at Baskets Galore, we have created a brand new range of new home gifts, designed to suit all tastes. When creating these New Home Gifts, we referred to what we call "The Great Housewarming Trifecta". These gifts are thoughtful, they're beautifully designed and most importantly, they are full of products that the recipient will be able to use.


Each of our New Home Gifts contains a decorative East of India Wonderland plaque, printed with a beautiful message. This item would be the perfect addition to the mantelpiece in the new home. It is also something that the recipient can hold on to for years to come. On top of this, each gift contains a candle in a 'Home Sweet Home' Tin, or a diffuser- or both! After a busy few months, the recipients will appreciate the relaxing atmosphere and the new home scent is sure to help them settle in. Nothing quite makes us feel at home like a candle!

Beautifully Designed

There is a story behind each and every one of our baskets, and our Housewarming Gifts are no exception. Based on the theme, each gift is designed using a particular colour scheme.

New Home Celebration Gift £86.54

This is our New Home Celebration Gift. It has a celebratory theme throughout in the form of a chocolate cake and champagne truffles. To top it off, it was designed using positive, warm and inviting colours. Each New Home Gift is tied together with a green ribbon and a green gift card.


Last but definitely not least, these new home gifts are filled to the brim with products that the recipient will use on a daily basis. It's an unspoken rule that you should offer your guests a refreshment, or a quick snack, when they come to your home. This stems from way back when the journey between people's houses was a lot longer. However, it stuck, and it's certainly a tradition that I can get on board with. These Gifts are filled with teas, coffees, dark chocolate treats, and snacks ( both sweet and savoury), perfect for sharing among visitors, or scoffing alone after a long day of unpacking.

Our more expensive new home gifts also include Spanish Wildflower Honey, which comes presented in a beautiful terracotta jar. I think every home should have a jar of honey. After all, its versatility is unmatched. It can be used as a sweetener in tea and coffee, it tastes great in porridge and it makes us better when we're sick (according to my mum anyway).

Whether it be for a first-time buyer, a family of 5, or a married couple who have retired to Spain (the dream), these New Home Gifts have something for everyone. Moving house is an exciting time, but it is also a daunting task. The perfect New Home Gift can help to ease the transition, and ensure the recipients feel right at home. If you want to see our full Welcome range, including all of our new home gifts, you can click here.




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