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Fruit Gift Baskets: Get Well, Thank You

It's my favourite blog of the week, when we get to do our weekly round-up of the lovely gift baskets we have dispatched this week. It's been so busy in the office that we are a little bit behind and so this blog is about Week 1 of October. This week had quite a fruity theme, with lots of lovely Fruit Gift Baskets being ordered. This began with Monday's Vegan Friendly Basket. Last year we were receiving more and more requests for vegan friendly gifts and when we went through our catalogue of products it turned out we already had quite a few. All we needed to do was combine these with a selection of fresh fruit and we had our first 100% vegan friendly gift basket ready to go. Some of our vegan friendly foods include fruit crisps, vegetable crisps, almond butter, sparkling tea drink, granola and flaxseed. This particular basket was being sent to a lovely lady in Hereford to help aid her recovery.

Fruit Gift Baskets - Vegan Friendly

Of course it's hard to be good ALL week long as so we couldn't not feature this trio of Sparkling Chocolate Eruption Gift Baskets. They were all ordered by the same company in Dublin, to give out as prizes and a "sorry you're leaving" goodbye gift. This is my kind of gift basket as it contains sparkling wine to get my hit of fizz, chocolate cakes, mallows, truffles and lollipops that I could share with my 2 boys. If he's lucky, I might even let my husband share the salted caramel discs by Lily O'Brien.

Chocolate Gift Baskets - Sparkling Eruption

Back to being somewhat healthy for #WellnessWednesday with another of our Fruit Gift Baskets. Our Revitaliser Gift For Her is a popular get well gift for women as not only does it contain fresh fruit, but also some healthy drinks such as coconut water and a refreshing sparkling tea drink. For some treats we have a chocolate pouch and muffin in there. To pamper there is a face mask and foot soak and finally a lighthearted reading novel to keep them entertained. We hope the poorly recipient in Bradford enjoyed putting her feet up and  is feeling much better now.

Fruit Gift Baskets - Revitaliser For Her

Thursday's gift basket was from our Fancy Pantry range, and this one was for a 'Thank You' gift. They are also available for milestone birthdays. This was actually a corporate order from a very good customer of ours. They regularly send gifts out to their clients for a wide range of occasions, particularly to say thanks but also for birthdays, anniversaries and congratulations. The idea behind this gift basket is that you can stock your pantry with all the lovely contents ranging from tea and coffee, to cakes, biscuits and toffee waffles. It is then themed with a "thank you" mini cake and mug.

Fancy Pantry - Thank You Gift

Hug You Better is another of my favourite Fruit Gift Baskets, purely because this little guy is just so cute! Everyone needs a hug when they aren't feeling well and if you aren't able to give one yourself, then why not send a hug in a basket? This little teddy is called Raisin, and along with the fresh fruit, biscuits, fruit crisps and coffee we hope he helped his new owner to feel much better when he arrived in Kent on Saturday morning, after leaving us on Friday.

Hug you Better Fruit Basket

So as you can see quite a few Fruit Gift Baskets featured this week, however this is only a small selection of the gift baskets and hampers we dispatch on a daily basis. Fruit Baskets are always a popular choice as they are suitable for so many occasions. They are primarily most popular as get well gifts and we can deliver to both home addresses or hospital addresses in this case. It is advisable to check the hospital delivery policy prior to sending a gift basket there, as each hospital has it's own policy with regards to gifts. For example, some may not allow them at all and some will, but you must always supply the patients ward name or number. Most main hospitals have a post room that deliveries will go to and then the porter passes the gifts onto the patients. We have no control over how quickly they pass the gifts on, but we tend to find most hospitals do this quite quickly. Fruit baskets to home addresses is also no problem at all, and business addresses if you are interested in corporate gifting. Don't forget we also offer food hampers, flower gift baskets, baby baskets, pamper hampers and of course... Christmas hampers!

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