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Thank You Gifts In A Digitalised UK

Thank You Gifts For 3 Different Recipients

When you find yourself in a situation where you want to say thank you to a friend, family member, relative or colleague, it is difficult to know where to begin your search for Thank You Gifts and where to end it, especially when that thank you may not even be apparent to the person receiving the gift.  Maybe they just think they’ve done their job or it's in their nature to be helpful.

I find myself in a position in life and at work whereby the obstacles ahead of us appear insurmountable.

  • Our digital future, how this impacts upon our working lives
  • How to channel direction as humans when the future is increasingly being decided and shaped by computer algorithms
  • How to create work life balance of ones self and one’s partners and employees
  • How to maintain profitability in the retail sector in a QE world, dominated by giant retailers and of course Amazon
  • Can we afford to follow the Google Digital train

I decided that since we are a small cog in this giant scheme towards human digitalisation, the internet of things and artificial intelligence, we also had a responsibility to play our role in helping shape that technology.

In an insane world, the only sane course of action over the coming year was that for all the words, which we wrote which helped machines understand humans, we also had to counter this cleverly with something created or written purely for humans understanding.

So having found ourselves in a situation whereby we as a business wanted to reflect softer human skills, which cannot be understood easily by machines, we spent the summer conceiving how in the world we can possibly manage to achieve this through our own commercial activity.  What follows over the next twelve to eighteen months is that attempt.

One of the things I wanted to do was thank just a few of the people who have helped me personally in the past few years and start creating things for humans to appreciate, not just machines.  I know that I’m in a part responsible for the future and want to help make it better, so I decided to send some Thank You Gifts in the form of Thank You Hampers or Gift Baskets to say Thanks to them.

I’m not going to discuss in detail how it is they have helped me, but it’s not just because of a one of action or event.  One is former employee, one a former self employed delivery driver and the other is a Kinesiologist.  Of course if I was writing this for purely SEO reasons, it would be going through Yoast, analysed for Key Word Density, titled, tagged, verified, critiqued.  I would be repeating Thank You and Gifts, Thank You and Hampers (TYH), Thank You and Gift Baskets (TYGB).  But this is precisely what I don’t want to do, so from now on I’m going to abbreviate them.

These are the Thank You Gifts I sent to 3 different people to say thank you to them.

Thank You Gifts - 3 different recipients BGUK

  • I took advantage of Basketsgalore’s two decade approach to creating gifts we think people will really enjoy.
  • I took advantage of our philosophy of designing gift baskets that really mean something for occasions important to individuals and not just occasions
  • I applied the format of the (TYGB or TYH), which we believe is of sufficient universal appeal to operate a professional enterprise.


The Former Employee

How can you possibly thank anybody who has tirelessly worked for your company for seven or eight years? Here’s what I came up with. Thank you for helping us over so many years.

Thank You Gifts - For Former Employee

The Work Friend

A Delivery Driver who picked up from us for the past seven or eight years and lost his run when UPS bought over the company.  Thank you for helping us throughout the years.

Thank You Gifts - For The Work Friend


The Professional (in this case, a Doctor)

Just a little gift to say how much I appreciate your help in making me able to do what I do.

Thank You Gifts - For The Professional

If you want us to apply such a methodology to a Thank You Gift Basket you wish to send to someone you respect and don’t see it reflected online in our catalogue, then simply something which contains items you like and write to us with a quick summary of who, why, what for and any knowledge you have of what they like.  We’ll come up with the how.

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