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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Basket of the Day 18.01.18

My phone broke over Christmas, so the daily dispatch photos actually gives me a chance to play with the camera of my new phone. Already I could see a difference. New phone is sharper and clearer, but carries a naturally 'cool' tone in pictures, but old phone is less focused (seriously, I have to take 5+ of the same picture to get 1 clear one) and produces 'warmer' looking pictures. Hm.... not sure which one I prefer. Perhaps I have to tweak the camera settings more on my new phone.

For comparison, here's a picture of fruit taken with old phone (from last year)



And here is today's daily dispatch:

Yes, very different.

What's this? Oh! Cut the phone camera musings and focus on the basket at hand? Whoops, sorry! didn't realised how much I rambled there.

Today's beautiful fruit basket in the XL Fruit Classic. Living up to the 'XL' in it's name, it's a heavy fruit basket loaded with exotic fruit such as mangoes, coconut, passion fruit and pineapples, and the classic fruits likes grapes, plums, kiwis, apples and bananas. Also topped off with a packet of really beautifully tasty dates from Forest Feast.

My dad loves the dates, he always pounces on them when I bring packets home when they're close to their expiry. He says it tastes so naturally sweet, almost like it crystallised bits of natural fruit sugars inside, yet still very exotic feeling?

I confess I'm not fond of dates myself, so I cannot hope to imagine relate to that. Can anybody here say the taste is the same? Maybe the intended recipient at the Acute Stroke Unit in a hospital in Drogheda, Ireland, could give us some feedback on this?

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