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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Basket of the Day 09.11.17

Sometimes, you walk out to see the baskets and one of them really pop out at you. Sometimes, like today, I go out and I can't get inspired by any particular one. That's saying our gift baskets are not inspirational - rather it's' the complete opposite; you're spoilt for choice. So on these occasions, I try to navigate the blog on my phone for something I haven't covered recently - this is considered a great feat by me, because I am atrocious at navigating the world of the internet on my phone - no patience for it. Alternatively, I read the gift cards.

And wow, we have a great gift card message for a custom hamper leaving our depot today! (Certain parts omitted as it might be considered too personal.)

"I wanted to get you something to break the boredom... .... here is a hamper full of little things for you to mess around with...... the colouring book is a wildcard, I've heard it's really relaxing and good for you... I didn't want to put a load of food in there as I know you aren't eating much but there is one GF treat in there for you just in case using your brain power makes you peckish! Also you might be a bit perplexed with the eye pillow, when I read the description I thought it sounded lovely, and as you are sleeping quite a bit it might be nice... ......"

Somebody please send me a gift with this message. It's so... I can't really put my finger on it, it's just makes the whole basket escalate to a new level of customisation. It shows how each item is carefully thought out, and how this basket is just put together especially for the recipient - nobody else.

Here's the custom basket for all to see, surrounded by some of the items.


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