Baskets Galore Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 13.09.17

From being on BasketsGalore’s Twitter page today I noticed it was both Roald Dahl Day and International Chocolate Day, 2 great days eh!? It’s also my day to do the Daily Dispatch Blog, so it is also a good day for that reason as I like looking at all the wonderful gift basket creations we send out.

My choice of Gift Basket for the day is, Toys For Girls 5-7 Years as it just looked so pretty & pink. Maybe as I was busy playing trains, cars and buses with my 2 sons yesterday on my day off! This basket also contains a Lego alternative construction set featuring a “Pet Wash”. We were also playing Lego yesterday, well at least trying to. My almost 4 year old son & I spent more time keeping it away from the 1 year old!

This particular gift basket was ordered for a little girl in Co. Tipperary, who was about to undergo an operation. It was sent by her Auntie, Uncle & Cousins in Oman who wished they could be there to visit her. They hoped the treats inside this basket would help to keep her busy in hospital. We hope she gets well very soon 🙂


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