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Cocoa Republic: Chocolate Bars Created By You

Last Thursday, we got a call from one of our suppliers, James Chocolates enquiring about some chocolate samples they sent us. Chocolate Samples? There was Chocolate Samples? Cue an instant quick rummage through out post and indeed! There was a slim package with three bars of chocolate inside. And of course, the moment 'chocolate samples' was mentioned and uncovered, I was over nosying at it faster than you can think (though Lynne did manage a thought of 'Kate would be here any second' a millisecond before I stepped into her peripheral vision)

We didn't actually do the taste testing until today though, since not everybody was here last week.

These new samples from James Chocolates' new project Cocoa Republic, are all utterly unique. It seems like we're not the only people who do 'Create You Owns'. The company collaborated with their chocoholic customers and came up with a whoppin' total of 16 million possible flavour ideas. In fact, if you're interested in submitting a flavour combination, you can still do so on their website here and it would be considered in the next lot of customer creations they make.

Today though, we are happy to try out Salty Squirrel, Enchanted Forest and Summer Sunshine.


Summer Sunshine - "Creamy white chocolate with honeycomb, raspberry, strawberry and orange"

Favourite of Damian, Jonny & Pawel

This pretty looking bar is beautifully decorated. The raspberry sprinkles actually gave me a slight hint of tartness, which counterbalanced white chocolate's well-known sweetness and the honeycomb gives the chocolate bar that little bit extra crunchy bite. Careful though, if you're sharing it, you might be fighting fo the bits with the strawberries!



Salty Squirrel - "Milk chocolate with sea salt, hazelnut praline, hazelnuts and butterscotch"

Favourite of Roma, Kate & Angellica

Less decorated of the three samples, but oh so velvety rich, smooth and oooh, I might be bias since it's my favourite out of the lot, but it feels very luxuriously indulgent. Roma comments that the salt is very prominent (whilst I don't really taste it, my bit must not have salt?)

It's also the only one out of the three bars which is Gluten-free (according to the allergen and ingredients information)



Enchanted Forest - "Dark chocolate with amaretti biscuits, almonds, cherries and cocoa nibs"

Favourite of Lynne, Andrea and Laura

This posh tasting bar of chocolate have us rather torn in thoughts. I thought it tasted mild at the start, then have this beautiful and rich bitter aftertaste that makes me want more, whilst Jonny disagrees and says he's not very keen on the aftertaste. And then we have Lynne who say they opposite - that it starts strong and mellows out? In fact, Andrea who is rather sleep deprived finds the chocolate to give her that instant boost of energy! Also, it's dark chocolate, so it's lo-carbs which suits her current diet.



It seems like we have a tie!

We were hoping Selina could perhaps tip the odds, but turns out she's on a gluten-free diet right now so she could only have one out of the three bars. It would be a little unfair to say that one bar is her favourite, when she haven't tried the others, right?

You know, I think this could be very easily settled if we just.... you know.... have more flavours to sample? Okay, that's the chocoholic in me talking. And the chocoholic in me is also saying that each bar has their charm, their personality, their flavours, their good points and their very good points. It's really hard to choose!

But one thing we can all agree on is that the chocolates look fantastic and stylish! I'd certainly be on a look out for them in the future!

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