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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 08.09.16

At the time of writing this, I am actually running one photograph short for this blog. Reason? We ran out of fruit suddenly! So whilst they're away to fetch more fruit, I figured I'd make a head start on typing up the coverage of the other two fruit baskets I got pics of. Oh wait, never mind, just wandered out to the warehouse and double checked. In the time it took for me to write the other two dispatch blogs, and run off to get a very late lunch, the team had not only got more fruit but wrapped and packaged away the last of the fruit baskets for today....



I guess I'll just have to roll with it and go one fruit basket less??? Good thing, I took a pic of a backup fruit-alternative basket instead!

First, let's begin with the fruit - the Detoxify for Her basket.

2410239 Detoxify for Her

How many of you believe in detox? I know that it's apparently something that have split opinions - you either believe or you don't. In my case, I do, as having been brought up with chinese medicine as an alternative treatment for a plethora of things ("Sore throat? No, that's not a cold, you just ate too much crisps! Eat this and this to cleanse your body instead!") you just have to accept it or risk being nagged at endlessly by your parents. Anyways, detox is good! And here is a basket of helpful detox products. Can't go wrong with fruit, and massage helps unblock and clear up any toxins trapped in tissues, muscles and fat. Perfect. Can't say no that.

Another basket that you cannot say no to is the Pick Me Up For Her basket.

2410212 Pick Me Up For HerImagine if you are unwell, and then answering the door to be presented with this wonderful basket? How much of an instant mood pick up would that be? And it's exactly what Kam (Greenford, UK) needs. This gift was organised by the Finance team of her workplace and they had left an enouraging Get Well Soon message for her as well.

Onto the fruit-alternative basket I had hidden up my non-existent sleeves (I'm wearing a sleeve-less shrit today)

803772 CYOIt's a customer creation! A birthday gift created by Margaret, John, Andrew and Isabella, it's filled with lovely goodies like two packets of hand cooked crisps, handmade shortbread biscuits, savoury oatcakes, home made fudge, organic smoked salmon. Yum, yum. It might not have fruit, but it is definitely a winner in my eyes.




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