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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 14.07.16

Onto the gift hampers! We have a few Great Taste Award Silvers heading out today. Let's start off with the one I deem most photogenic today.

2409312 GTA Luxury Silver

Oh my, look at this hamper full of yummy goodness! It's the Great Taste Award Luxury Silver. There are at least 4 of these hampers leaving out depot today. All ordered by the company who wish to gift their partner companies with thank you gifts for all the hard work and support they had provided over past 12 months. The great thing about the Great Taste Award range is that the content is very balanced taste-wise. There is sweet and there is savoury. There is the smooth creaminess of the cheese, the freshness of the salmon, the crunch of the sodabread toasts and the sweetness of the chocolate. There is something for everyone in here.

On a different order, going with another hamper from the Great Taste Award Silver range, is an Artisan Scran.

2409379 Artisan Scran

Karen (Leeds, UK) had ordered two hampers to be sent to her. She didn't leave a gift card message to be included with the order so we presume she would be providing her own cards and would be hand delivering them to the recipients herself?

The last hamper of the day was still in the assembly area, and being ever so helpful, I decided to help carry it to the packaging area. Oh wow, it was a whopper of a hamper! Really heavy!

2409396 Neue Brunswick

Just look at it in comparison to the wine bottles! I actually couldn't see the area right in front of my feet when I carried it, and had to shuffle forward carefully to make sure I don't trip over anything (or my own feet, yeah, that happens sometimes) Again, this is another order where the sender wants the hamper to be delivered to themselves, this time in Newport, UK. The Neue Brunswick hamper is the largest hamper in our team-sharing range. This range came around a few years ago where we wanted to create hampers and baskets designed to be shared in an office environment. In this particular hamper, there is bakery treats enough for a team of 12-16 people!


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