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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Baskets 05.07.16

I actually forgot that I was writing the blog today instead of Roma. We had swapped days because I have to take a half day on my assigned day, Thursday. So, when I looked up from my work and saw it was past 1pm, I was in a panic! 'They must have wrapped and packed away everything already!' I thought as I rushed right out the door.

Thankfully, with a stroke of luck, they had only just started packaging the baskets and I still had enough unwrapped baskets to choose from. One, though, was already cellophane wrapped., but it looked so nice that I took a picture of it anyway.

2409207 Boredom Buster

We've taken enough pictures of the Boredom Buster Get Well basket unwrapped, so it would be nice to have a picture of what it looked like wrapped up and tied with ribbon. As you can see, it looks splendid. Note how the team had stuck the gift card onto the plastic wrapping outside the basket as well. This ensures that the card doesn't get lost in the delivery box, nor would it get tossed here and there, squished, folded and crinkled during transit. What can I say? We try our best to make sure everything is thought out. We hope the recipient, Dominy (Guildford, UK) appreciates it.

Dominy isn't the only one not feeling very well either, Janine in Coulsdon, UK also doesn't feel too great, and her friends in Bene Berak, IL wishes her all the luck for her appointment next week. To help with boosting her mood, they are sending her this super neat Sweet Fruit Delights basket.

2409232 Sweet Fruit Delights

Onwards, we have a Flowers and Bakery basket for Constance (Winchester, UK)

2409241 Flowers & Bakery

I have a strange feeling this flowering plant isn't for this basket though. I think I may have accidentally pinched it off another hamper - whoops! As such, Constance, when you get this, the flowers might be slightly different. But I promised it still looks just as pretty! Ideal for admiring as you start on the yummilicious bakery treats in this basket. Enjoy!

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