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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 19.05.16

We have some really lovely gift baskets leaving our depot today. interestingly, none of them are birthday related (for once?), unless you count the birth of baby Jack in Dundrum (IE) counts as a birthday basket?

7909141 Nature Pure Baby Basket Boy

Little Jack and his parents is getting a Nature Pure Basket - Baby Boy. Don't you just love the Du Du Teddy Blankie in there? It can be a cuddle buddy and doubles up as a comfort blankie as well - a very, very soft one. There are also a twinpack of organic muslins in the basket as well, because we all know how useful having these around could be. Perfect for catching dribbles, cleaning whoopsie messes and matching the nursery at the same time - invaluable.

Moving along the line of baskets, I spotted a curious message on this particular Deserving Treats basket.

7909141 Deserving Treats

A little thank you for all your fantastic work. You deserve a little pampering! And I suspect there could be something in here for everyone in the family!! Good luck in your new role. And don't forget you'll always be part of Team Awesome.

Wow, sounds like somebody got a new role in their workplace and her old team-mates are sending her off with a wow. The Deserving Treats is just perfect then. Full of things to treat yourself with and a magazine to wind down with while you munch, this basket is suitable for all occasions and all ages.

But what if you want the food treats separate from the chillax-ing treats? You can be like Laura (Manhattan, US) then.

7909140 Heavenly Pamper & East Virginia

Laura is sending Louise and Maria these two baskets. One is a Heavenly Pamper basket, containing all the luscious pamper items you could dream of in a basket and the other is a yum yum, nibbling treat, an East Virginia basket. Laura did not specify which basket was for who, but from the looks of it, Louise and Maria is actually on holiday (the baskets are going to a hotel) so I'm sure the holiday spirits would make them more than happy to share. Imagine having all these snacks and pamper items in your hotel room? Pure bliss!



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