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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 14.04.16

Surprise, surprise, I did not take a picture of a baby basket to feature for the gift basket section of the daily dispatch blog.  Believe me, I was very tempted, we have some absolute cuties leaving our depot today. But instead, my eyes were drawn to this Alternative Therapies basket.

1002367 Alternative Therapies

You're probably thinking 'oh, it's just another pamper basket' but look closely, this is a pamper basket for a male recipient! The male grooming and pamper market maybe growing quickly in comparison to years ago, but it's still nowhere near as big as the female pamper market yet. So when I see a basket that's for a male recipient and it has pamper items in it, it just really stands out and catches your attention. Especially when the gift card says 'your masseuse will be arriving soon'. Did the sender organise a massage for the recipient on the same day as the basket delivery? Wow, I wish somebody would do all that for me for my birthday!

Turning away from massages and pamper items, let's go look at food - who doesn't like to look at food?

1105555 Chocolate Eruption

Chocolate Eruption! This basket had been with us for years and each year the design gets updated to reflect our current chocolate products. This year, I really love the romantic red theme that seems to be going for the basket. It makes it feel like you're being given some grand celebratory gift. Today's Chocolate Eruption is for Kisha (London, UK) who is having her birthday tomorrow. We hope you enjoy all these chocolates, Kisha.

Okay, so this is not a baby basket, but I still got my cuddly toy fix sort for this blog.

2408050 Preschool Playtime

Look at the widdle cuddle-wy, fwuffy, soft monkey toy in this Preschool Playtime basket. I just want to hug it and bring it home. It's so cute! But no, little Joel (Sidcup, UK) needs this cute companion a lot more than I do. Joel isn't feeling very well so the senders of the basket hopes to give him this basket to make recover more fun for him.

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