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Family Wedding Celebrations & Gift Ideas

Last weekend we had a wonderful time at our little brother's wedding at Belle Isle Castle in Enniskillen ( a recent winner of the Most Romantic Wedding Venue award.) I say "our" because as I'm sure you know by now we are a family run business. We consist of mum Selina, big sister Lynne, little sister Andrea and big brother Neil. Our little brother chose to avoid joining the family business by moving to Australia - a bit extreme we know! He has spent the last 4-5 years there with his girlfriend Lauren, who he went travelling with. Last year they got engaged but just when we thought we'd be jetting off to Oz for the wedding, they announced they'd be coming home to get married. When Lynne & I got married in the past it usually meant closing BasketsGalore down for a day, as we were only a small business. Nowadays we have lots of lovely staff who were able to get along just fine without us! It meant we could all be off at once and enjoy a full weekend of wedding celebrations. Here is one of my favourite photo's from the day - us trying to persuade my 2 year old son Rowan to get into the photo with the other flower girls and page boy. No chance, he'd much rather ride his balance bike!

persuading Rowan

We were lucky enough to be able to drive to the wedding venue with our cars full of supplies for the weekend, but it made me think how handy welcome or wedding presents are that can be sent for delivery directly to the venue. Or if you cannot make the event but still wish to send on your congratulations.

BasketsGalore offers a range of engagement, wedding, anniversary and welcome gift baskets and hampers for such occasions. We even created a hen weekend basket recently, complete with 'L' plates and 'Bride To Be' sash. Of course, James & Lauren were already fully stocked at the venue and couldn't take presents back to Australia with them, so in terms of wedding gift ideas for them it was pretty easy - money please! They're currently living it up going on various tours and for fancy meals out on their honeymoon to Iceland. followed by a week in Mauritius on their way back to Australia. I'm not jealous at all!



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