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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 03.02.16

Oh my, the weather just doesn't seem to want to pick back up into more favourable temperatures lately does it? Well, granted it is still only February and we tend to get our coldest weather during this period of time, but really, it's so windy outside that sometimes I step out and felt like I could be bowled over by the wind!

Then you have the wine howling and rattling at windows and doors, and despite being inside, you still feel like a chill is creeping up on you. Times like this where I go into the warehouse and sincerely wish I could take one of the cozy hotties in the baskets for myself!

Perfect for snuggling in the cold weather, they have a microwaveable insert that you can heat up through the magnificent modern power of the microwave. But instead of burrowing your face into a rubbery coverless hot water bottle, instead you get a cute cuddly pink rabbit soft toy instead. Coupled with delicious waffles and hot chocolate, that's the lovely Ella in London set to enjoy a cozy evening in.


Speaking of waffles, what other things goes well with them? I say even more baked yummies, like those in this Battle of the Biscuits

7908362 Battle of the Biscuits

Instead of chocolate waffles though, this one has toffee waffles. I brought one packet of them home the other day because it was almost out of date and we can send it in a basket. My sister took one bite and fell in love. Us girls in the admin team, here had since started keeping an eye out for another hopeful box of them to materialise in the staff kitchen, because we read on the back of the box that the serving recommendation is to rest the waffle over a cup of tea so that the steam melts the middle into a ooey-gooey melt in mouth bit of heaven. We really, really want to try that now! So dear recipients, Pat and Jacqueline in Mondasterboice (Ireland), if you're reading this, try it out and let us know how it tastes. We eagerly await a stray packet to try it with in the office here.


The last gift basket of today's dispatch blog is actually rather special.

803385 CYO

Please admire this wonderful girlish Customer Creation. Niki in Telford, wants to send this customised gift basket to Alana in Andover. She apologise that the gift is a little late but wishes the Birthday Girl a wonderful birthday nonetheless. From the Nail Art Gems, to the scent of the Candle Tin, to Born to Shop Notepad tucked just under the marshmallows in the basket, Niki chose each item herself. She had also specified that the recipient is a 13 year old girl so we ensured that a magazine appropriate for her age was included.  Have a great birthday, Alana!

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