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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Hampers 07.01.16

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the ensuing pictures. I am certain that the camera quality on my phone had dropped ever since it got updated over Christmas. It just doesn't seem to give me quite as crisp pictures as it use to. So if any pictures look poor, it's completely my phone and not the basket or hamper's fault! Because the hampers look fabulous. In fact, so fabulous that I felt bad being delayed running out for the pictures because a few of the hampers had been packed, sealed and packaged into their delivery box already.

It's okay though. There are still some fantastic hampers on the bench. Like the very stylish looking Cheesy Sunshine here:

2406187 Cheesy Sunshine

I personally think it looks good enough to look like some glossy magazine ad, the ones with minimalistic background and big bold writing to emphasise the elegant and simplicity of the product's design. Well, this hamper isn't that simple. From the creamy cheese, to the spiced nuts which is the packet of Forest Feast Street Food, you will have a great range of flavours. Then we have the cranberry and hazelnut sodabread toasts in the back which brings hints of sweetness, next to the savoury reganas and also a jar of olives too. This is pure snacking galore. We hope the recipient, a lady who isn't feeling too well right now in Chippenham, would feel a lot better after all these savoury treats.

Next, we have a hamper for a sympathy occasion. I don't tend to highlight these very often in my dispatch blog posts. It just doesn't seem very right to talk about a gift intended to express sympathies to the recipient who had someone pass away. But on the other hand, if I do not speak of these gifts, then people are less aware of one more option they could go for in gift buying.

2406172 Sympathetic Fayre

This is the Sympathetic Fayre hamper. Designed to be traditional, unimposing and non-flashy. Perfect for the occasion and a great alternative to sending flowers. We often get calls from customers wanting to send food related hampers for these occasions. Just a little something for the recipient(s) to have or eat when they feel up to the task.

And then, on the other end of the scale, we have the flashy hampers like the Sparkling Baked Wishes.

2406178 Sparkling Baked Wishes

From balloon to a bottle to share (or not share if you're not in a sharing mood), to the cake, cupcakes and fudge. this is just a hamper designed to celebrate something with. Fun and plenty of yum. This particular hamper was ordered today by Amrit in New Hudson, US and would be in the hands of Preet in Luton tomorrow to celebrate their birthday. Notice that we changed our Birthday Balloon again. It looks like it's ready for a party!

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