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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Fruit & Flower Gift Baskets 14.01.16

With the dark (possibly snow) clouds looming in the horizon and seemingly speeding to cover as much of the sky as fast as possible, it makes you want to go and look at something a bit less dreary and a bit more fun and vibrant. Which is where I would not enter stage right and start my sales pitch on our fruit and flower baskets, I suppose?

Ladies and gentlemen, down below you will see a fantabulous Flowers and Treats basket. Ordered by the sweet Joanne from new Zealand and set for delivery to Glengormley where Valerie is celebrating her 70th birthday! Hooray! What better way to celebrate a birthday than a basket delivered to your doorstep? From flowers, to lotion, to chocolates, to an exquisitely scented candle in a tin, you can do no wrong with getting this basket for any birthday lady.

7908279 Flowers and Treats

Call now to reserve your basket. We are here till... well ... everyday?

Obviously I am very, very poor charismatic sales rep. Rather than flaunt it, I tend to like to invite a sense of helpfulness and friendliness when I'm on the phone to customers wishing to buy. I'm mostly on the accounts and finance side of the daily operations in Baskets Galore anyway, so I don't actually have to answer the phone quite as often as say, Roma and Victoria. During Christmas though, I answer the phone a LOT more. In fact, there was a few days where Victoria just told to that I may as well just keep the handheld phone on my desk because every call that came through there seem to be for me.

Speaking of Christmas, today Sophia in Hoboken, US had ordered a Floral and Fruit Thank You gift basket to be sent to Ann in Carrick-on-Suir, IE.

2406287 Floral and Fruit Thank YouSophia wants to thank Ann for her lovely gifts they had sent her and their baby over Christmas. That is so thoughtful. I was almost going to look in our system to see if Ann had sent one of our baskets to Sophia and now they want to return a similar gift, but then I remembered that Sophia is in the States which meant the gifts must not had been handled by us.

We used to send gifts to the United States but had encountered too many experiences, problems and delays in the delivery process so had to unfortunately take it off our delivery locations. The baskets tend to be stopped by customs who holds onto it for who knew how long before they release it to continue its journey. As you might guess, these delays aren't very good for the baskets' contents such as fresh fruit, flowers and deli products.

Last but not least, we have this pretty floral basket.

2406292 Flavoursome Flowering Fruit Basket

This is a Flavoursome Flowering Gift Basket, ordered by Christopher in New York and going to be delivered to Anthony in Edinburgh tomorrow. I love the way the girls in the warehouse arranged the basket this time. The backdrop of diagonally placed boxes and crisps gives it this modern and non-traditional look. It demonstrates very well that our baskets presentation isn't just layers on top of one another, but also in front of each other too. Not just an easy-peasy job of throwing everything together.

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