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Christmas Prep, Processes & Purchases

The approach of Christmas always gives us that kick up the bum to finish all those little jobs we've been meaning to do.

In the office that means general tidying up mainly. We don't know how we manage to get so messy, things come in and are set down or forgotten about and before you know it your desk is covered. We're usually surrounded by paperwork, post it notes, catalogues, product samples, to-do lists, records, invoices, orders, gift cards, delivery labels....the list goes on. It also means rearranging furniture to fit extra helpers in, updating our Customer Service manual for new staff and ordering supplies of paper, ink, labels etc ready for the onslaught of Christmas orders - well we hope so anyway! Lynne called in earlier to measure up for some new desks and we're coming in on Sunday to get everything set up.


The warehouse have also been busy rearranging items to gain maximum space, stocking the shelves with all our Christmas items, having new shelving and cellophane dispensers installed and getting our first proper bin! I know this sounds ridiculous as we have had a huge recycling bin for many years, but I'm talking about a standard council bin for general waste. We don't really have much waste apart from the kitchen and so poor Selina usually got lumbered with taking it home, so she is very excited at this prospect. We're a little sad, we know!


So after this weekend we will be ready to rock and roll! What about you folks, do you have a deep clean prior to Christmas?

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