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A Week In The Life Of A Baskets Galore Customer Service Advisor

Happy Tuesday Folks! I'm sure you have all been wondering how it's been going here at BG Headquarters, and it's been getting busy! The flow of Christmas Orders have begun and I am still processing, dispatching and tracking Gift Baskets.

There's great variety in being a BG Customer Service Advisor because there are so many stages in sending your Gift Basket, I need to print and pass on your order for assembly, address check and gift card your message, print your delivery label and dispatch, then finally I will track and notify you of delivery :) So this is how my week went:

How I Helped A Customer:

This week we were contacted by Anne who wanted to create a special 80th Birthday Gift Basket for her father. Anne firstly mentioned items the her father would love to receive, such as crackers, cheese, pate and port. We worked with Anne and managed to merge together our Cheesy Birthday Basket along with some creamy Sherry and a bottle of rich Port.

This was everything that Anne wanted, we were able to source her special requested alcohol and before you know it, we were ready to dispatch this! We made the purchasing of this Gift Basket super easy for Anne, we are able to enable a 'Customised Gift Basket Option' Gift Basket on our website, and Anne simply purchased this as she would a regular BG Basket, and was able to checkout as normal on our snazzy new One Step Checkout!

We are able to adjust the custom Gift Basket price to the one agreed with Anne and when the order came through, we indicated for the warehouse what needed to be included. Anne was over the moon with the end result and her father was able to unwrap his gorgeous gift on his Birthday!


Something Nice/Rewarding That Happened:

We received an amazing email from our customer Debra, in Canada whose daughter had just received her Congratulations Gift Basket from her parents:

'Thank you SO much - I wish we all  could have seen the smile on our daughter’s face when she saw your basket!!  Alyssa is far away from home, struggling to get her balance with a new country and a new school - a little gift from family means a lot!  You folks went above and beyond, providing us with quick delivery, AND  then emailing me to advise that your basket had been delivered - I emailed Alyssa to RUN to the head office and pick up a gift!! We are thrilled with both your basket and your customer service. Thank you so much! Wishing you a wonderful day, Debra'

You can also read a Review that Debra left on our site


Something Difficult/Frustrating That Happened:

We had quite a tricky situation here at BG, while tracking the delivery of the recent dispatched Gift Baskets, I noticed one was refused. When I followed this up, it turned out the recipient Dennis refused his Gift Basket because he 'didn't order it'. Dennis was receiving this Gift from his friend in America, and they were both very embarrassed when I explained how delivery went! I have now rescheduled this to be delivered today, hopefully Dennis doesn't forget this is his Gift from Californian pal!


Best Gift Basket Today:

This month I have been learning how to whiten the photos taken of our new Gift Baskets and Hampers! It was a little hard at first but I think I have (almost) sussed it! So this week I am going to pick a Gift Basket that I have recently whitened and you should definitely check out: The Versatile Bakers Distinction


Most Excited Purchaser/Recipient Of A Gift Basket:

I took a very interesting Telephone Order this week, I was speaking to Alison who is originally from Florida but is currently travelling the world with her family via boat! I couldn't believe all the exciting exploration she was getting up to! Alison wanted to send a ginormous Thank You Gift in the form of our Great Taste Award Diamond Bounty Hamper, and this was going to a Cruising Club that had helped out with the leg of their European tour! How amazing?!


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