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Indian Summer, Australian Christmas?

Summer may have been a bit of a wash out, however the end of September and beginning of October have been pretty great so far. Weather experts say we are experiencing an "Indian Summer" - a period of warm, calm spell of weather in the Autumn.

Tuesdays are my day off work, so my good friend Louise & I took our sons to the local farm. The last few weeks we haven't even been able to get to the playground cos everything was wet with rain, but what a day we picked for the farm. It was 20 degrees, bright and sunny! I was expecting us to traipse around for an hour or so in the cold & damp, but we ended up spending the whole morning & lunch time there (we would've stayed even longer but our 2 year old boys still have an afternoon nap you see.) They not only had a wide variety of animals, but tractors, a playground, a trampoline and sand pit, lake, zip wire and a big boat to climb on. We also got our chimney cleaned the other day, but haven't needed to light the fire!

Normally it's a bit more gloomy at this time of year, with darker days and we really know the countdown to Christmas is on. Our Christmas stock  is even starting to be delivered, and the drivers are in their t-shirts! It's a little strange, but we are not complaining in any way! Rowan even got a sunny day for his birthday the other day, and you wouldn't really expect that for an October birthday.

I remember my siblings telling me how weird it was spending Christmas in Australia, as it is their summer time in December. They have barbecues and got to the beach, rather than roast dinners, snow fall and sitting round the fire. Here is my little brother James & his fiancée Lauren spending Christmas by the pool in Perth, WA. Lucky ducks!

james and lauren australian Christmas "Merry Christmas To All Our Friends & Family"

So what are the chances of us having a sunny Christmas in the UK this year? The nearest we get to an Australian Christmas is helping all our Aussie customers wishing to send Christmas gifts to their friends and family "back home", but they are good enough not to rub it in...too much!

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