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BasketsGalore's Big Baby Brands

BasketsGalore believes in only selling products which we would use or eat ourselves. Baby products are particularly important to us and in order to make sure of the quality of these we only sell brand names even though they may be a little more expensive. We stock Frugi Organics, Nature's Purest, Olive & Moss, Inch Blue and Aden & Anais.

As we have three quite new mothers in the company we have plenty of volunteer testers for our various baby products. Lynne is constantly on the lookout for good value products to add to our baby range, but she simply won't compromise on quality.

This week we were sent samples of new baby shoes to trial. For more than a decade BabyBasketsGalore have included booties and shoes in our gift baskets. We select super soft and made locally ones where possible, but of course quality like this comes at a price.

For this reason we were surprised at the lower cost of the new products and were impressed at our initial sight of them.  They look astonishing like some of the other shoes we stock. The packaging wasn't as nice, but was still adequate. It was only on closer inspection that we realised some of the differences.

The new product had a much smaller instep which was a single layer of leather lined with suede through which the elastic has been attached. This looked as if it might come apart with wear and tear more easily. It would make the slippers unwearable if this happened.  When we compared them with our existing brand the quality of leather also seemed a little lower. The instep on the existing brand was much more substantial with double thickness of leather holding the elastic which also seemed more stretchy and therefore easier to put on baby. Anyone who knows how a baby curls up it's toes will appreciate this fact. Although babies aren't in their shoes for very long at the rate they grow and so this less expensive version might suit a lot of people, at the more affordable price as they don't need to be particularly hard wearing.



We will maybe give both types a trial run on our BasketsGalore babies and see which comes out on top!

What is your favourite brand of baby or childrens shoes?

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