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The Thursday Afternoon Delivery Explanation

Throughout the week we can offer next day delivery without issue at all.

The only time this isn't the case is once 4pm on Thursday strikes. After this the next available delivery date isn't until Monday, due to when courier companies offer a delivery service. There is a special Saturday service, but this costs extra and so not everyone is able or willing to pay it.

We often wish the couriers would count Saturday like a normal day as we would get to send out lots more orders for you, but unfortunately this isn't the case in the UK or Ireland.

So instead any gift baskets shipped on a Friday tend to arrive on the Monday. This is also not a problem for most, unless you wish to send a fruit or smoked salmon basket.

As these gift baskets contain perishable items we want them to arrived freshly overnight, but the weekend would add extra transit days. Because of this we don't dispatch perishable baskets on a Friday, unless they are going on the special Saturday service. We want both you and the recipient to be delighted with a lovely fresh basket of treats!

Instead we would email any customers requesting a Monday delivery to explain the reason behind delaying it until Tuesday, and most appreciate this. Tuesday delivery means we can dispatch it on a Monday, for arrival overnight and the fruit is guaranteed to be fresh still.

When we launched our new website we were very excited about the update to the shipping calendar as it had extra functionality which would allow it to distinguish perishable baskets. As the checkout knew it was a salmon or fruit basket, the calendar cleverly knew not to display Mondays as a delivery option.

This means we no longer have to email to explain to customers, and it avoids any disappointment caused.

Hopefully one day soon there will be no distinction between the weekends and weekdays, and we can deliver your gifts any day of the week!

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