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Baskets Galore’s Customer Gifts – Gift Baskets 06.08.15

I've already covered one basket with a cuddly bear in it in the Fruit & Flowers dispatch blog today, but it must be the new trend to send cuddly toys or something because there were even more baskets with them on the worktop tables today. There was Hoagie, another Hoagie, a duck, two monkeys and another bear.

Let's cover the two monkeys first.

Cutey Pie BOY x 2Cutey Pie Baby Boy gift baskets! And two of them too! The Lamaze monkey toy is always a firm favourite for our customers. I think it's because of how happy he looks. The bright colours, the clanky rings, mixture of patterns and crinkly textured limbs, it just shouts 'I'm a fun baby toy! Please love me!' It also comes with a clip so that you can clip them onto the edge of the cot, carrier, pram or stroller. That is one toy which is very determined to hang around and not get lost from being accidentally thrown across the room.

Next, let's take a look at the cuddly duck soft toy basket.

725552 Busy BeeD'aaaaaw, doesn't it look like he's sitting there politely waiting to be packaged and boxed up to go to his new owner? This is a present from a pair of grandparents in New Zealand. They ordered it for their grandson's birthday tomorrow in Birmingham. The Busy Bee basket not only has a cuddly companion, it comes with a jigsaw, activity books, colouring sets, fun packs, story books and educational games for your little 3-4 year old. Depending on which gender you pick from the drop box, we will include the activity and toy sets to suit the gender. There is also an option to customise it for an occasion with a balloon too. So it can become a general gift, a get well gift or a birthday gift! Talk about thoughtful and customisable.

The last gift basket I chose to feature today is a Baked Bites basket.

7906506 Baked Bites

I was originally going to choose a pamper basket but this one's gift message caught my eye and I had to write about it. It's going to Shona in Oranmore, Co. Galway and it's for celebrating the birth of baby Celeste. Rather than sending a baby basket, Ann, Liam and Peter decided that a food basket was more suitable because a new baby signals the beginnings of 'a most fabulous adventure. (And every adventure requires good snacks! :))' You definitely can't fault that way of thinking!

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